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About Ryan

EVP recognizes that most citizens do not have a complete understanding of what preparedness entails beyond having extra batteries, a case of water and some additional cans of non-perishable food in the pantry.EVP offers a customized disaster preparedness assessment of your home, vehicle and evacuation supplies to determine your shelter in home or mobile readiness. This assessment is conducted by a Veteran and First Responder who has the unique perspective of evaluating safety preparations for his clients.

About EVP


Ryan Kerwin is a former United States Marine who honorably served his country for four years as a Sergeant in an Infantry Anti-Armor platoon. This is where Ryan began to understand the importance of education, training, and preparation. Upon returning home from the Marine Corps, Ryan was hired by a municipal Fire Department where he currently serves as a Fire Captain.


Throughout his duties, he encounters everyday citizens who may be experiencing one of the worst days of their lives and the losses that comes with those emergencies. Ryan realized that there was a gap in personal disaster preparedness efforts due to a perceived sense of safety, confusing/conflicting information and unrefined safety education or skill sets to place the minimum necessary "preps" into motion.  Ryan determined that the best course of action of those impacted by these events could have been made easier by being proactive in preparation versus reactive in the recovery process.

Ryan felt it prudent to close the emergency preparedness gap by providing a service that can offer peace of mind before a disaster strikes, especially in these uncertain times. EVP was created after years of personal research, experience, and continuous education regarding public safety.


Ryan graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus and continues to seek educational and personal growth opportunities along with his family, faith, friends and community by his side.

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